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Date Last Modified: 22/07/2003

Canadian Law Enforcement Vandalize Outlaws Property

The picture shows a member of Canadian law enforcement painting over the Outlaws Motorcycle Clubs logo at the clubhouse that belongs to the St. Catharines Ontario Canada chapter.

In less than 48 hours Canadian law enforcement is caught on film defacing & vandalizing the St. Catharines clubhouse. The clubhouse was confiscated by law enforcement at the time the arrest warrants were served. Isn't a citizen innocent until proven guilty in the civilized world? No court proceedings have taken place at this time. No members have been found guilty of any charges and no property has been ordered by the courts to be forfeited. What gives the Canadian government or law enforcement the right to enter privately owned property and deface it. This can't be expected to be viewed as a "search procedure". As the picture clearly shows it is an illegal act of vandalism.

You people that are reading this statement might do well to remember that the more you allow these continued violation of rights the more it will happen. It might be you the next time. When challenged in the courts the judges constantly ignore case law and permit violations to run unchecked because the mind set is that "The end results justify whatever means that are used, legal or illegal to gain a conviction".

The members of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club have already been found guilty by the Government and law enforcement. The trial will be a "dog & pony show" for the people. The above picture shows the arrogance of law enforcement..."paint over their logos, vandalize their homes and property their finished in Canada". Law enforcement is already making statements to the media that they have destroyed the Outlaws Motorcycle Club in Canada. With this type of media manipulation and the courts blind eyes in relation to case law and fair trials I ask you HOW CAN AN OUTLAW MC MEMBER RECEIVE A FAIR TRIAL IN CANADA WHEN THE DECK IS STACKED AGAINST THEM AND THEIR RIGHTS ARE VIOLATED AS A COMMON DAY OCCURRENCE?